Hi, I’m Bertine van Hövell, freelance game designer and writer from the Netherlands. I have a decade of experience making games professionally. I’ve worked with AAA property, designed educational software and written for various indie studios. Below you can find a selection of some of the titles I’ve worked on.

Resume Bertine van Hövell

Currently Working on

  • Started working with SenAm games on HAUMA.
  • Recently finished up work for Old Skies by Wadjet Eye.
  • Pitching with Sugar Rush Studios.
  • Continuing to work on Frayed Freedom.


Old Skies (TBA)

Worked with Dave Gilbert to design one of the main missions of the game.

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At Eve’s Wake (2021)

For At Eve’s Wake I designed a complex interactive narrative based on Lovecraftian mythos. I was in charge of story, co-wrote dialogues and design. I also helped out with hiring additional members to the team and wrote design documents and art instructions.

At Eve’s Wake on Steam


I assisted Quiet Dimensions with writing dialogue cut scenes for their upcoming unannounced Scifi Mystery. All these dialogues were voiced and recorded.

Only Cans (2021)

I worked with the Only Cans team to provide tangible feedback to ideas and assist with writing. I also helped out maintaining team cohesion and motivation.

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad (2020)

I worked with Ubisoft Reflections to write biographies for characters from the Tom Clancy universe. These biographies pertained a mix of pre-existing characters and original characters.

Oh Honey, There Is Something I Need To Tell You (2019)

Oh Honey was an experiment in designing a short game where the character cannot always say what they truly think. It is also a tiny mystery inspired by True Crime fiction.

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Meryll Wants a Cookie (2018)

For Meryll Wants A Cookie I worked with Thomas Wrobel again. I designed most of the puzzles, much of the dialogue and scripted all of the interactions.

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The Fanficmaker (2015)

The Fanficmaker was written by me and Thomas Wrobel. I also took care of some of the design and system design of the generator.

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